Group Tours

The White Trail

Bike around the “White City”, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the world’s largest outdoor museum. In the 1920’s-1940’s over 4000 buildings were constructed using the Bauhaus architectural style. From there we’ll head to the Jaffa Port and its small alleys. Ride around Jaffa, the doorway to the Holyland: Old Jaffa, the ancient square, Hapisgah Garden, St. Peter’s Church, The Clocktower square and more. Later we’ll head into Tel Aviv’s “Little Paris”- Neve Tzedek, where we’ll visit Shay Agnon’s home, the Rokah museum, the old Eden theatre, Susan Dhalal Center of the Arts and more.

The Green Trail

An “electrifying” ride around the city that never sleeps’ green parks. We’ll start from The Midron Park just south of Jaffa Port and look over Jaffa’s southern neighborhoods. We’ll head north to Hayarkon Park with its beautiful lawns and large trees on the bank of the Yarkon River. We’ll visit the Ancient Rock Park, the Cactus Garden, the Artificial Pond, the Seven Flour Mills, Napoleon Hill, a Philistine Inn and more!

The Blue trail

Drive around Tel Aviv’s waterfront! We’ll start in Bat Yam, along the coast through Jaffa all the way to Reading Electrical Plant in Northern Tel Aviv. The tour showcases Jaffa’s story which began over 3500 years ago, the Blockade Runs and Antanela Memorial, the construction of the Tel Aviv port in the 1940’s and more!

Solo Tours

City Trip

Along this route we will delve deep into the citys coulours experiencing all of its different hues.It is structured to introduce the different neighborhoods hear stories of the locals and the street, visit the places where it all began from a artistic and cultural perspective as well as well as political.

Sunset Trail

On this special tour rolling towards night we will get better aquainted with all the small spots,the ones unique for late night hang outs and entertainment.The enticing hidden spots that rest only after the sun comes up, right under our noses.The secret doors that open up into spectacular internal bars and a entire world of music and dance.

Mini Tel Aviv – Jaffa

Two hour tour about the city for a brief taste of the magic: Come unveil the variety of colours and cultures,sites that are a must see and helpful tips on getting around,and places that you will most likely revisit. Along the tour we will see selected stop points, get to know the different neighborhoods and pedal along the alleys, check out the spots that turn into vibrant nightlife magnets realizing how to get by in a city so expensive and where to get authentic,friendly priced food.