Bike Garage

Detecting malfunction and timely treatment can prevent larger expense in the future, insures your safety and greatly improve the riding experience.

Thinking about your complete safety while riding around the city and wanting to provide our customers the best riding available, we in Pole Position TLV provide your with a full care bike garage, with treatment given by an experienced and reliable staff.

Among the garage different services, we provide original spare parts, handle regular maintenance for all type of bikes and repairs according to the manufacture instructions.

We at Pole Position TLV believe that proper maintenance is key to maximizing and improving your riding experience, and that a monthly visit at the garage is a wise investment for the present – and the future!

Repairs prices

Inner change for reg wheel35 NIS
Inner change for engine wheel60 NIS
Flat tire resistance metarial20 NIS
Brake tunning25 NIS
Brake pads75 NIS
Regular brake cable50 NIS
Electric brake cable65 NIS
Gears tuning35 NIS
Transmission cable65 NIS
Electric pedal60 NIS
Electric pedal arm60 NIS
Balance wheel50 NIS
General Checkup25 NIS
Comprehensive care (not electric(50 NIS
Electric bike comprehensive care100 NIS
Proper and regular maintenance of your bike are necessary to keep it working great. In our Ben Yehuda store you can get regular maintenance and more complicated repairs. Package $2.47 per pill